How Air Pollution Impacts Your Body

A short video definitely worth watching.

Air pollution - it lurks all around us preying on the young and old. It slips unnoticed past your defenses and assaults your lungs, heart, and brain. Its deadliest weapons are invisible - poisonous particles that can be as small as a molecule. With every breath, they break through your lungs' protective barriers there they trigger inflammation, as your system tries desperately to fight back. But these tiny intruders penetrate those defenses, lodging toxic compounds even deeper, sowing the seeds of cancer. They slide straight into your bloodstream, sabotaging your entire body they inflame and constrict your blood vessels, increasing blood pressure until one day - causing a stroke. The particle prowlers dislodge fatty plaque that may have built up from your diet. They weave clots that can be deadly blockers of blood flow to your heart or brain. With each new case of heart attack stroke lung disease or cancer, air pollution adds another life to its hit list. Let's stop this invisible killer.

How are you combatting the effects of air pollution in your body?

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The secrets you need to know about being Super Healthy

The secrets you need to know about being super healthy

Why do some people always seem to have an unlimited amount of energy? What could be the secret to lasting health and tremendous amounts of energy? 

Let me share with you what I learned to be super-healthy. All you need to do is these simple, no brainer rules for lasting health.


How efficiently your digestion is will ultimately affect the state of your mind and wellbeing. After all, FOOD IS FUEL. Digestion will also determine your longevity and whether you feel energized or tired. 

How? You should eat REAL FOOD. Real food means fresh, home cooked, those that lack preservatives. People who consistently eat fresh fruit, seeds, nuts, fish and vegetables will have the healthiest digestion. 

A myth that I constantly hear is that you can’t digest meals with both protein and carbohydrate. This is a misconception, because we can digest protein. 

This isn’t true. Protein is digested in the stomach, a process that takes an hour or two, whereas carbs are digested lower down in the small intestine. 

Then there's what is being discussed on the internet called the "Leaky Gut." It means the intestines are permeable and the food pass through it, causing the immune system to react. The main culprits that cause this leaky gut are painkillers (the average person takes more than 300 a year), antibiotics and alcohol. Needless to say, avoid unecessary antibiotics and better stop the alcohol. 


A low blood sugar will cause you to feel tired and hungry. Your tendency afterwards? Eat and refuel with fast-energy-releasing high-GL (glycemic load) carbohydrates (sweet or refined foods), and this is a BIG NO. This will you cause your blood sugar to rise rapidly (spike) and your body will assimilate the excess into storage as fat. Then your blood sugar level drops again, and you enter the vicious cycle of yoyoing blood sugar that ultimately leads to weight gain.

How then do you balance your blood sugar? Eat more slow-release foods (such as fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grain carbohydrates). My advice and what I do is I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and don't skip your meals. This provides my body with an even supply of fuel.


Fats are not totally evil. There are essential fats that are good for you and these include omega 3 fats.

Yes, omega-3 fats are essential for good health, acting as natural painkillers and more potent antidepressants than conventional drugs. On top of this, omega-3 fats are your skin’s best friend, keeping it soft and moisturized. 

Where to get these good fats? Omega-3 fats are found in nut or seed oils, such as flaxseeds and walnuts, and in deep sea fish such as salmon (my favorite). The decline in our oily fish consumption, largely because of fat phobia, has fuelled an epidemic of omega-3 deficiency. 

Through my research, I found out that the likelihood of optimal health increases by nearly two-thirds in those consuming three or more servings of oily fish (herring, sardines, mackerel, salmon, tuna and trout) a week, compared to only two a week.


An optimal intake of antioxidant nutrients is the key to living a long and healthy life. Generally, with fruit and vegetables where you find the most colour and flavour, you will also find the highest antioxidant levels. 

I generally aim for five to 10 servings daily of a range of fruit and vegetables to keep my intake high.

And good news - it’s true. Dark organic chocolate is good for you (*happy dance*). It’s rich in anti-aging antioxidant flavonoids.

Other antioxidant foods include herbs and spices such as cinnamon (half a teaspoon has more antioxidant power than two carrots), plus turmeric and oregano. Mustard is pretty good, too. Generally, I have observed that bright and strong colours in nature means they're nutritious – greens, yellows, reds, oranges and blues such as blueberries. :-)

In terms of supplements, I personally take regular vitamins E and C


Listen, if you only drink when you’re thirsty, your body is already in a state of dehydration. Not drinking enough makes you tired and dries out your skin and your joints. It gives you headaches and reduces mental ability. It’s also a major cause of constipation. 

I've read that your body absorbs more water if you drink little and often. It absorbs less if drunk with sweet drinks, or tea or coffee. For maximum hydration, drink small amounts of pure water more often.


It has been designed to balance the emotions, still the mind and rejuvenate the body by removing the blockages caused by accumulated tension. Meditation is actually simple. I recommend and use Vishen Lakhiani's 6 step meditation (yes, only 6 minutes).


You heard it many times. Exercise is a foundation that will pay you over and over. It doesn't have to be complicated. It just boils down to commitment and consistency. ;-)

You could start by incorporating a few minutes every single day for aerobics, running or weight lifting. Increase your strength daily and consistently and you will reap big benefits in the long run. 


A key concept here is to get your past out of your present. Past is past. We can only learn from it. But we should not let it hinder our present or future potential in any way. 

I consider my state of mind to be extremely important for health. Your state of mind is closely related with how you will feel (emotions). And research are starting to uncover that how we feel is also contributory to our physiology (our health). I have read that extreme emotions affect heart function, depress the immune system and even inhibit digestion.

We all know that everyone accumulates emotional tension. However, how you consciously experience your emotions makes all the difference. When you need to express an emotion, you can take a breath and say clearly: “I am feeling x,y,z (for example, angry, frustrated, sad) and that’s OK.” Take another breath and say this until you sense a different feeling. Allow the feeling, and yourself, to ‘be’ – without judgment. Try to incorporate this practice in your life. :-)


Having a sense of purpose is one of the defining qualities of a super healthy lifestyle. For example, taking care of your family may give you your feeling of purpose. Other people find purpose through work that feels important and meaningful. 

For me, my purpose is to be able to help other people discover their true potential. I also want to leave a legacy to my students and explore this awesome world with my family. 

For most of us, being of service to others works either by supporting causes that we feel passionate about or simply helping people we meet.

And don’t forget your own self-development – always be on the pursuit of becoming the best you can be. :-)

Care to share your own secrets? Comment below and let me know :-)

My Anti-Aging Secret

Many have been asking what "secret" for looking younger than my actual age is. Well, today I'm about to tell you: it's simply 2 jiggers of my daily health booster upon waking up at 6:00 AM in the morning. 😊 I cannot proceed with my day without taking this miracle liquid first before doing other things. After drinking it, I feel really healthy and have loads of energy.

I have been introduced to many different types of nutritional supplements over the years. I am very selective about these things. In my opinion, most of them are limited in terms of their ingredients and fail to live up to their hype. So when my trusted friend Ms. Donna asked me to try a bottle of Intra to give me more vitality, I was less than enthusiastic. In the end, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is really a miracle liquid.

Why did I say miracle liquid? It is a long story to tell, but one time I will sit down in front of my computer to write and share my journey. Needless to say, I am no longer a skeptic. Have a nice day! ❤

Ang Kalusugan Ay Kayamanan


"Health is Wealth" is an old cliche but it holds true for everyone regardless of age, gender, profession, religion, nationality and country. 

Kasabihan nga, kahit wala kang pera o kayamanan, basta malusog ka at walang karamdaman, ok ka na. Kasi naman, kahit sangdamakmak ang kayamanan mo, kung ikaw naman ay may iniindang sakit o karamdaman, balewala rin ang pera mo at hindi mo rin ma enjoy in the long run. Nasaksihan na natin at nabalitaan ang ilang popular na personalidad na talaga namang bilyonaryo, pero hindi rin sila nailigtas ng kanilang yaman... dahil napabayaan nila ang kanilang kalusugan. 

Gawin natin halimbawa si Michael Jackson at si Steve Jobs. Sila ay mga sikat na personalidad na nagma may-ari ng bilyong salapi pero sa edad na masasabing bata pa kung tutuusin, binawian sila ng buhay at nabalewala ang kanilang naipon na kayamanan. Ano ang aral ng kanilang kasaysayan? Unahin lagi ang pag aalaga sa ating kalusugan sapagkat ang kalusugan ay kayamanan.